Elderly Care: Tips to Promote Good Hygiene


Good hygiene is important at any age as it helps prevent infections when wounds and skin irritation are present. Maintaining good personal hygiene is also linked with mental health and emotional well-being. However, maintaining good hygiene habits and routines can become increasingly challenging with age. Hence, many seniors receive help from a home health aide in Lake Forest, California.

As a leading provider of home and hospice care in California, we will share tips to promote good hygiene in seniors:

  • Identify the issues.
    Determine what is causing poor hygiene in a senior loved one. This could be caused by poor mobility, discomfort in using the bathroom, or cognitive decline. Learning the reasons behind the issue will help you find and discuss potential solutions to keep your loved one clean and healthy.
  • Establish a daily routine.
    A daily hygiene routine will help your senior loved one get used to performing specific activities throughout the day. This may include brushing their hair and teeth, showering, and dressing. You can help make these tasks feel less like a chore by helping your loved one pick their outfit for the day and putting on their favorite music.
  • Seek additional help.
    In some instances, seniors may feel more comfortable receiving help from a professional caregiver than someone they know. In-home care may include personal care to help seniors with personal hygiene.

Lake Forest Services & Lake Forest Hospice is a trusted provider of high-quality hospice care and in-home care in Orange County. Among our wide range of services, we offer assistance with personal grooming and hygiene to help seniors maintain a high quality of life. Reach out to us for more information about our services.

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