The Effects of Poor Mobility to Health


Poor mobility can be caused by numerous factors. This decline in mobility can come from the natural effect of aging or can be the result of health conditions or injury. Whatever the reason is, poor mobility can negatively impact your daily living.

As we provide in-home care in Orange County, we try our best to improve the lives of those who experience debilitating mobility problems. How can poor mobility affect your daily living?

  • Safety Issues

    With poor mobility, your risk of accidents and other dangerous situations significantly goes up. You may not have the physical capabilities needed to avoid these situations.

    Apart from that, your difficulty in moving inherently puts you at risk of slips, falls, and other injury-causing situations. With that, make sure you work with a home aide to help you stay safe at home.

  • Loss of Independence

    Poor mobility may also stop you from taking care of yourself. Your independence can take a huge hit as you cannot perform your daily living activities without assistance. Performing your favorite hobbies may even become a challenge as well as socializing with your friends and loved ones.

  • Stress

    With all these effects taken into account, living with poor mobility will heighten your stress levels. Apart from that, relieving it will not be easy.

    With intense stress, your health conditions may worsen, and you may experience other health conditions associated with uncontrolled stress.

Here at Lake Forest Services & Lake Forest Hospice, we can help you meet your needs amid your mobility problems. We can provide you with a much-needed home health aide in Lake Forest, California.

We also provide hospice care in California for those who are facing life-limiting health conditions. Contact us today for more information!

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