Signs That Indicate a Need for Hospice Care


When an elderly parent or loved one becomes ill, many of us assume we will always have more time to spend with them. Even when they are in the later stages of a serious illness, treatments may offer hope for longer life and more time. However, medical treatments can only take us so far. There may come a time when your loved one requires senior care through a hospice provider.

As a provider of hospice and in-home care in Orange County, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for hospice care:

  • Physical Signs
    When a loved one is terminally ill and curative treatment is no longer an option, it may be time to consider hospice. Common physical signs include frequent hospitalizations, frequent or recurring infections, and a rapid decline in health despite aggressive medical treatment.

    Your loved one may also experience uncontrolled pain and increase the amount of time they spend sleeping. Other physical symptoms include restlessness and the inability to perform daily tasks without assistance from family members or from a home health aide in Lake Forest, California.

  • Mental and Emotional Signs
    Enduring a terminal illness not only takes a toll on the body but on the mind too. Hence, your loved one may start to withdraw from friends and family and make statements or requests that seem out of character. They may also begin making apologies or saying goodbye and give away personal belongings.

Lake Forest Services & Lake Forest Hospice is your trusted provider of exceptional home and hospice care in California. To ensure comfort and help manage symptoms, we offer high-quality, family-oriented hospice services. Contact us to learn more about our hospice care services.

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