Understanding the Spiritual Needs of People in Hospice

understanding-the-spiritual-needs-of-people-in-hospiceSpirituality does not always mean religion. In its most basic form, being spiritual means acknowledging that our existence goes beyond sensory experience. Practically speaking, the act of opening the heart is a form of spirituality. It often goes unnoticed, but part of the basics of hospice care in Lake Forest, California involves addressing the spiritual needs of terminally ill patients.

A caregiver in Orange County needs to allow their hospice patients to fulfill their spiritual needs. There are a lot of emotions involved in dealing with the end of life, and understanding it on a spiritual level can help patients and their families deal with the situation better.

Here are a few of the spiritual activities hospice patients can achieve with the help of care providers.

  • Having an opportunity to share stories about their life, including the happy and sad moments
  • Being given the ability to determine their purpose
  • Discussing their memorial service, including who should be there and what families need to do
  • Being able to ask for forgiveness and forgive others
  • Allowing their loved ones to spend more time or stay close to them

Lake Forest Services & Lake Forest Hospice provides a wide range of hospice and in-home care in California. We have a team of professionals ready to assist our patients with whatever they need.

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