Tips for Becoming Sociable at Sixty and Beyond


Young or old. We all need to socialize, create connections, and build deep relationships with others. And to all elderly individuals, we at Lake Forest Services & Lake Forest Hospice encourage you to stay social at 60 and beyond. Keeping our social well-being sound and healthy significantly affects our other well-being. Our well-being, such as physical, mental, and cognitive, gets direct positive effects from socialization. Being kept accompanied and socialized is part of Personal Care services.

As shared by a Hospice Care in California, when elderly individual socializes and build deep relationships with others, they experience the following benefits:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and cognitive decline.
  • Encourages more physical activities.
  • Improves mental health, self-esteem, and brain health.
  • Develops a sense of belongingness by proving a purpose for living.
  • Keeps heart diseases away.

Here in our In-home Care in Orange County, we put importance on your health and aren’t just talking about your physical health.

We’ve known and seen the sad effects brought to the life and health of elderly individuals because of loneliness and social isolation.

Thus, we will always advocate and promote the socialization activities of elderly individuals.

Start the socialization plans and activities for your elderly loved one by visiting our Home Health Aide in Lake Forest, California, today!

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