Smart Ways to Get Picky Seniors to Eat Healthily

Smart Ways to Get Picky Seniors to Eat Healthily

Do your senior loved ones have zero appetites? It could be very challenging to get them to eat! If you’ve tried several ways to feed them, but you always miserably fail, don’t feel discouraged. Keep trying! Change your techniques. Experiment with these new and different ways below.

  • Make mealtime a fun time.
    Eating alone can be lonely sometimes and perhaps, your loved ones want fun company. A caregiver in Orange County can help prepare nutritious meals and provide good company for your elderly loved ones at home! Or, if you have free time, you can always join them and talk about fun and enjoyable topics during the meal.
  • Give them options.
    Not getting to eat what they want could make seniors feel they are losing their independence. As much as possible, allow them the freedom to choose between different foods or include them when you’re planning their meals. Caregivers from in home care in California can take care of them. Make sure to inform care providers about the meals that seniors will love.
  • Play with flavors.
    Some seniors and veterans find it hard to get their appetite back due to medication effects that cause dry mouth or strange taste. Play with flavors and offer them fruits and flavored water enhancers.

Lake Forest Services & Lake Forest Hospice provides hospice care in Lake Forest, California. We also offer non-medical care services, such as meal preparation, medication supervision, moral support, personal grooming, and personal hygiene, and more. For more information about our services, please call us at 949-583-7888 today.

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