The transition from this life to the next is as normal and natural as being born. Our mission at Lake Forest Hospice is to make such transition as smooth and seamless as possible, not only for the person going through the difficulty, but for loved ones as well.

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What Is Hospice

Hospice is a home-centered philosophy that affirms life by making a person’s final days more meaningful. It is a distinct health care option designed to provide comfort, care, and dignity to the terminally ill instead of curative measures.

Lake Forest Hospice neither hastens nor promotes passing but eases the transition, comforting both the individual and their loved ones.


Hospice services are available to people with a life-limiting illness with a prognosis of six months or less if the illness follows its natural course. To receive the benefit, the attending physician or a hospice doctor must certify that one is terminally ill with only six months or less to live.


Our program is Medicare and Medi-Cal certified, Accredited Commission for Health Care (ACHC) approved, providing the highest standard of care.


Hospice is a benefit of Medicare, Medi-Cal, and most private insurance providers.


Hospice services can be provided wherever the patient resides and is most comfortable in.


Once the patient or their authorized representative elects to be on hospice, a free assessment is made to make sure they qualify. Then, services can start immediately thereafter.

Lake Forest Hospice understands the importance of providing people with Hospice Care in Lake Forest, California and helping them transition from this life to the next in a most comfortable way as possible. Our services are tailored and customized to meet individual needs.

Circle of Care

  • Registered Nurse
    Registered Nurse
    • Assess care needs of patient.
    • Identify needs of family and loved-ones.
    • Develop plan of care to meet identifiable needs.
    • Provide symptom control and pain management.
    • Coordinate team visits.
    • Ensure implementation of approved plan of care.
  • Medical Director
    Medical Director
    • Provides home visits.
    • Co-certifies terminal illness with the attending physician.
    • Leads inter-disciplinary group develop plan of care.
    • Presides over inter-disciplinary group team meetings.
  • Attending Physician
    Attending Physician
    • Certifies terminal prognosis.
    • Assess patient needs and prescribe treatment.
    • Direct and approve plan of care.
    • Coordinate care with interdisciplinary group.
  • Social Worker
    Social Worker
    • Assess patient, family and loved ones with social and financial needs.
    • Develop plan of care for identified needs.
    • Provide counseling and referrals to appropriate resources.
    • Bereavement support.

Family Loved Ones

Lake Forest Hospice Patient

  • Hospice Aide
    Hospice Aide
    • Provide direct personal care to patient.
    • Provide comfort care and other measures topatient.
    • Report identifiable clinical needs to RN Case Manager.
  • Volunteers
    • Provide respite for primary caregiver.
    • Provide non-medical support and companionship to patient.
    • Provide breavement support to family and loved ones.
  • Equipment & Pharmacy
    Equipment & Pharmacy
    • Provide medical supplies and equipment necessary for patient comfort.
    • Provide medication and medical equipment for symptom control and pain management to ensure patient comfort.
  • Chaplain
    • Assess spiritual needs of patient, family and loved ones.
    • Develop plan of care for bereavement needs.
    • Assist with memorial preparations.
    • Provide direct spiritual, emotional and bereavement counseling.

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